“Solving Concrete Floor Problems Since 1989”

Concrete Surface Systems has operated since 1989 from Belvidere Illinois, a convenient location that allows us to effectively service customers within three states including  Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.
CSS is a single source contractor, so we handle every phase of the job from start to finish.  We do our own surface preparation and repairs which means the fastest turn around of flooring projects.
We use the latest in Shotblast surface preparation technology.  Shotblasting removes most existing coatings, sealers and contamination in a single step.  What's more, shotblasting is proven to be the best method to prepare concrete for guaranteed adhesion of new flooring materials.  There are no chemicals involved so there are no offensive odors or hazardous fumes.  Best of all, more of your investment goes into a durable floor, not into waste disposal.

CSS knows there is no substitute for the right floor and offers a complete selection of flooring systems that can be customized for your specific needs and enviroment.
CSS Specializes in Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Overlays

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